Cosmetic Dental Restoration and Prosthesis

aesthetic cosmetic dentistry kaunas lithuaniaYou are unhappy with your smile? Want to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth?
Cosmetic dental restoration will restore damaged tissue of your tooth, form, function and aesthetics appearance. This is a quick and relatively easy way to have beautiful teeth.
Durable, natural looking teeth - is the goal of cosmetic restoration.
In Pro-implant Dental Clinic cosmetic dental restoration is performed by the dentists Dr. Sonata Skirbutiene and Dr. Natalija Vildziuniene.

In the Pro-implant dental clinic we provide the following services:

  • Cosmetic restoration with composite fillings
  • Cosmetic dental prosthesis with ceramic veneers
  • New! Cosmetic dental prosthesis with direct veneers COMPONEER

Smile to go - Innovative. Fast. Beautiful.


Pro-implant Dental Clinic has introduced a new recovery smile system - Smile to go. This is a method of defected front teeth restoration, using a Swiss company Coltene / Whaledent direct veneers COMPONEER.

COMPONEER direct composite veneers are industrially manufactured, so their cost is significantly less than produced individually in the laboratory.

Beautiful teeth after one visit
The procedure saves time because during one visit it is possible to restore up to 12 teeth, 6 in each jaw.

Dental Protection and teeth preservation
Minimum lesion of healthy tooth tissue during the prosthesis.

Individual Application
The system provides the possibility to choose the veneers (based on tooth shape, color, etc.)

High-quality veneers assure strong teeth and a perfect esthetic appearance.

Long-term result
Over time, you can restore your shiny teeth by polishing them.

Aesthetic Dental Restorations: COMPONEER composite veneers

direct composite veneersDirect composite veneers COMPONEER - a high-quality, extremely thin special plate, made of nano-hybrid composite. They perfectly cover the surface of front teeth and give them a naturally beautiful shape and shining whiteness. The procedure can be done in a single visit to the dentist.

Step 1. Your dentist checks the condition of the front teeth, recommends appropriate veneers COMPONEER shade. Using a template, the physician selects the appropriate form of veneers.

Step 2. Then the teeth get prepared for prosthesis. Since tooth enamel is very thin, the teeth will be polished minimal.

Step 3. Dentist fixes veneers to the right place, using the same materials of which it is made of. Shape and length of teeth will be adjusted according to the patient‘s wish. The final step - dental polishing.

Before a dental prosthesis

After a dental prosthesis

cosmetic dentistry kaunas lithuania

cosmetic dentistry kaunas lithuania

Chiped tooth


aesthetic dentistry kaunas

aesthetic dentistry kaunas

Worn teeth


aesthetic restoration kaunas aesthetic restoration kaunas lithuania

Incorrect teeth position.


cosmetic dental prosthesis kaunas cosmetic dental prosthesis

Teeth discoloration


esthetic dental prosthesis kaunas esthetic dental prosthesis kaunas

Diastema (space between the teeth)


aesthetic dental prosthesis kaunas lithuania aesthetic dental prosthesis kaunas lithuania

Dental crowding


cosmetic dental restoration kaunas lithuania cosmetic dental restoration kaunas lithuania

Contact (interdental) caries

Cosmetic restoration: composite fillings

Aesthetic filling - it is the cheapest way of aesthetic dental restoration. The procedure is painless and fast. One visit to a dentist is enough to regain healthy and natural looking teeth. Pro-implant dental clinic use  modern composite (filling) materials that have characteristics very similar to natural tooth tissues. Your dentist will choose the filling material, in regard, to the damaged surface of the tooth and to what result is expected.

Aesthetic Dental Restoration corrects:

  • misshapen teeth (restoring chipped, worn, decayed or trauma damaged teeth)
  • discolored or stained teeth
  • crowded teeth
  • unwanted spaces between teeth
  • diastema - a big gap between the front teeth

Composite fillings accumulates plaque and eventually teeth lose their shine. Only a professional oral hygiene and tooth polishing, performed on a regular basis, helps to maintain long-term results of aesthetic restoration.

Depending on the structure of your teeth, gum shape and bite anomalies, instead of aesthetic restoration (or in combination), you may be offered a dental prosthesis with ceramic crowns.

Specialist advice: if you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth, teeth whitening procedure is recommended prior to the aesthetic dental restoration. The colour of the fillings during teeth whitening remain unchanged.

Cosmetic restoration: veneers

Restoring the front teeth is not always possible to obtain an ideal aesthetic results and durability. In such cases, we recommend to cover the surface of front teeth with ceramic dental veneers. Prosthesis is more expensive and takes much longer than an aesthetic composite restoration. Therefore, what might normally require multiple visits to the dentist.

Veneers (porcelain veneers) - this is a very thin multi-layered, light-permeable porcelain plate. The properties of reflected light veneers, teeth look healthy and natural. Veneers are made individually, by dental technicians in the laboratory. Pro-implant dental clinic cooperates with the Lithuanian and German laboratories guaranteeing quality.

Specialist advice: if your teeth have dark pigmentation, consider teeth whitening option. Veneers are very thin so the dark spots can glimmer through. The colour of veneers during teeth whitening remain unchanged.