No Tears Children’s Dentistry

Children's DentistryYou want your children to be healthy, beautiful, and experience as minimum stress as possible? Do you want to protect children from tooth pain? As soon as the first tooth appears, you should start an ongoing collaboration with the family dentist. 
Pro-implant Dental Clinic offers effective ways to prevent children‘s tooth decay. Timely information about dental care, nutrition, metabolic characteristics of calcium will help to prevent your child‘s teeth and gum disease.

Specialist advice: a proper maintenance of the child's teeth at home and timely high-quality dental treatment is an invaluable investment in the child's oral health.

Pro-implant Dental Clinic specialists can solve many of your children's dental problems. Particular attention is given to the child's psychological preparation for future procedures. Our purpose is not only to treat children‘s teeth, we seek that dentistry won‘t be a traumatic experience to them. We assure gentle, cheerful and no tears quality care for your child's dental needs. Your children's oral health care is taken care of by pediatric dentist Vilija Alksniene, orthodontist Rasa Damusiene, oral hygienist - Monika Baltaduoniene.

Children's Dental Disease Prevention

First, we try to protect your child from tooth and gum disease:

  • children's molars covered with sealants
  • flouride applications
  • professional oral hygiene

No pain Children's dental treatment

What if your child has problems with a pain? In this case, we will provide your child with necessary treatment safely and pain-free:

  • tooth decay (caries) treatment
  • root canal treatment
  • orthodontic treatment
  • surgical procedures
  • gum disease treatment

Ozone therapy is a gentle, safe and painless way to cure gum inflammation, aftas (oral ulcers), wounds, herpes.
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Children's molars covered with sealants

Caries (tooth decay) usually develops in the grooves of molars. Dental sealants prevent the most sensitive areas of the tooth from decay. Sealants - liquid filling material that fills the deep grooves of the permanent molars. Hermetically coated grooves do not accumulate food residues and are easier to clean. Only the grooves of the healthy permanent teeth (molar and maxillary) are covered with sealants. We recommend you to cover your molars right after first permanent molars eruption. The procedure is simple, fast and painless.
Qualitatively covered teeth with sealants provides protection against tooth decay for many years (10 years or longer). Efficiency of sealants is proven by the research – timely covered children‘s teeth with sealants decreases the probability of decay by 80-90%!

Specialist advice: healthy adults molars are covered with sealants as well (usually wisdom teeth).
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Fluoride applications

Fluoride - a very important component that determines the resistance to dental caries. Fluoride applications help to maintain the required levels of fluorine. The dentist covers the tooth surfaces with fluoride varnish. After varnish dries up, the tooth gets surrounded by a thin film, which lasts up to 12 hours. During that time, enamel gradually absorbes the minerals. Fluorine-rich tooth resistant to dental caries remains for about 3-4 months. In order to maximize protection of healthy teeth from decay, it is recommended to repeat flouride applications periodically.
Fluoride application - a simple and inexpensive way to treat the initial stages of tooth decay.

European Children's Dental Association recommends fluoride applications as inexpensive, accessible and effective early childhood dental caries preventive measure (all of the recommendations parents will find below).

Specialist advice: fluoride application effectively treats sensitive adults teeth as well.
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Professional oral hygiene

oral hygiene for childrenRegular and correct oral hygiene is a simple, cheap and effective way to prevent children's tooth decay. However, many children clean their teeth incorrectly and irregularly. To teach children how to brush their teeth - a difficult task that requires your patience, attentiveness, and continuous monitoring. Unfortunately, your efforts not always pay off. Even if your child cleans their teeth regularly, the quality of treatment is often inadequate.
Professional oral hygiene procedures will protect your child from tooth and gum disease.

The process of oral hygiene:

  • Oral hygienist prophylactically will examine children's teeth, check the status of oral health.
  • In order to see the places where the child poorly cleans, hygienist will use a special color tablet.
  • Using a hand tool she will remove hard plaque from the teeth.
  • Using baking soda current Air flow (water and soda mixture ), hygienist quickly and painlessly removes the soft plaque from the tooth surface and floss thoroughly.
  • She will polish teeth with mineral-rich paste.
  • Hygienist will tell you about the importance of regular oral hygiene, teach you how correctly brush your teeth, explain how to use additional oral hygiene measures.
  • A small gift handed by a hygienist will remind to children a pleasant and friendly procedure.

Children's tooth decay (caries) treatment

Decay affects both the deciduous and permanent teeth. It is important periodically visit your dentist in order to diagnose dental decay early. In the initial stages of caries, free- drill dental treatment is used - application of special materials on the area affected by caries. Later, more serious procedures are needed for decay treatment - dental drilling and filling.
Important! Untreated deciduous tooth decay is a focus of infection, which causes pain in the teeth, disturbs permanent teeth formation, weakens the child's immune system. If left untreated, permanent tooth decay eventually evolve to pulpit – teeth soft tissue (dental nerve) inflammation. Then the root canal treatment is inevitable.

Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Crooked teeth and improper bite - a common children‘s and teenager‘s problem. Fortunately, modern orthodontics allows an effective and long-term solutions for these problems. It is important to notice and timely diagnose occlusal anomalies, many deviations can be corrected at an early stage. Orthodontic treatment - it is straightening of irregular bite and crooked teeth, using removable orthodontic apparatus or braces.

braces for childrenSpecialist advice: During orthodontic treatment with braces it is difficult to children thoroughly clean their teeth - the remains of food residue around the braces. During treatment, the gums become very sensitive, therefore the tartar on the teeth can cause faster gingivitis (swollen gums start to hurt what further complicates dental treatment). Good oral hygiene - one of the most important conditions for successful orthodontic treatment. Regularly performed professional oral hygiene prevents the child from additional health problems.

Learn more about orthodontic braces and our recommendations for their care.

Surgical procedures for children

  • Milk- tooth removal – extraction of the tooth which inhibits the growth of permanent teeth.
  • Frenectomy - surgical diastema (the space between the front teeth) treatment.

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Gum Disease Treatment for children

Gum diseases are affects mainly by microbial dental plaque resulting from poor oral hygiene.
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Recommendations for parents

The European Children's Dental Association, taking into account the critical state of children's teeth and early dental caries development, in 2008 November adopted a resolution. It sets out a strategy which aims to help children avoid early tooth decay.

The most important preventive measures:

  • Regular evaluation of oral health and dental consultations during the first year of life.
  • Use of toothpaste with fluoride (it protects children's teeth as soon as they appear).
  • Children at high caries risk, are recommended a professional fluoride application 2 times a year.
  • The reduction of sugary drinks, especially from the bottle at night.