International Dental Clinic Pro-implant

dental implantologistsDear Patient, Welcome to the Pro-implant International Dental Clinic website! Would you like to have white teeth and a beautiful smile? You have a toothache and you are looking for emergency dental assistance? Maybe you or your relatives/loved ones need serious dental treatment? You worry that dental treatment may be painful?
All our Pro-implant Dental Clinic dentists are willing to provide you with comprehensive care and help. The clinic is located in the center of Kaunas, Donelaicio St., 14.

Pro-implant Dental Clinic offers you:

  • dentistry innovations
  • German medical standards and technologies
  • sedation dentistry
  • patient safety
  • comfortable environment
  • English-speaking staff

Dentistry innovations

Bone Ring Technique - new perspectives in augmentation
Pro-implant Dental Clinic director Darius Pocebutas is the first dentist in Lithuania who introduced an innovative method of bone augmentation – Bone ring technique. This is the only way to make bone augmentation and dental implantation at the same time. The patient‘s treatment time is reduced by 5-6 months.
Learn more about Bone ring technique.

CEREC CAD/CAM technology - one visit prosthetics
Dental clinic Pro-implant started to use CEREC CAD/CAM technology, for tooth prosthetics in one visit. CEREC is the sophisticated CAD/CAM system for the production of all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and crowns for anterior and posterior teeth directly in the clinic. Main advantages of CEREC CAD/CAM technology: no need for impressions, no need or temporary tooth, time saving for patients.

Choukroun's  A-PRF™ - faster recovery in a natural way
In order to speed up the healing process after surgical procedures, the most advanced technology - Choukroun's  A-PRF™ (ADVANCED - Platelet Rich Fibrin) is used in dental clinic Pro-implant. Biomembrane (PRF) is in the form of thin film, which is obtained from the patient's blood. A-PRF™ procedure stops bleeding, promotes the formation of new blood vessels, stimulates bone and soft tissue regeneration, promotes healing.
Learn more about A-PRF™ procedure.

German medical standards and technologies

German education
D. Pocebutas is one of the first Lithuanian implantologist, successfuly graduated J. W. Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany), post-graduate studies in implantology. Certificate of completion of the program was awarded in 2011.

German partners
In 2000, Pro-implant Dental Clinic became an equal partner with the International Institute of Implantation Pro-Implant (Germany). Medical Director of the Institute – Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen constantly is coming to the Pro-Implant Dental Clinic in Kaunas to advise patients with the particularly complex cases.

Pro-implant Dental Clinic works with a dental technician Holger Abendroth (Germany). Products used by the dental laboratory technicians help to achieve a particular aesthetic look of the dental prosthesis and the function.

Made in Germany
Pro-implant Dental Clinic has installed a wide range of high quality German dental technology: disinfection tools, diagnostic and medical equipment. All the materials used meet the highest Made in Germany quality standards. For your safety: Miele, Melag. For the quality of your treatment: Carl Zeiss, Ankylos, Ozonytron.

Sedation dentistry

You certainly know that modern dentistry is painless. Your dentist and his assistant are committed to providing you with the best service to eliminate the discomfort associated with dental treatment. Patients who particularly have deep dental anxiety should consider dental treatment using deep sedation. Deep (intravenous) sedation - a safe and effective way for a patient to receive relaxed and comfortable dental treatment.
Learn more about patient comfort.

Patient safety

Patient safety - it is your right to freedom from accidental injuries and unnecessary damage due to medical treatment. Universal access to safe, high quality health care services is a principle recognized and valued by the European Union.
Your safety during the dental procedures - one of the most important Pro-implant Dental Clinic's priorities.
Learn more about patient safety.

Comfortable environment and English-speaking staff

odontology clinic Does the environment for your dental treatment is of great importance to you? You cannot tolerate the specific smell of the dental clinics?
Pro-implant Dental Clinic provides dental care in a calm and comfortable environment. Warm interior colors, quiet music, friendly and sincere English-speaking staff will help you to reduce dental anxieties and phobias. A modern ventilation system maintains a good indoor climate and high level of indoor comfort.
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