Implant Dentistry

dental implants kaunas lithuaniaDental Implants – a new life for your teeth. Despite the loss of teeth, you can smile with confidence. It doesn‘t matter whether you are missing one, several or all your teeth. Dental implants will assure the quality of your life in all the cases.
Implant dentistry - a modern alternative to the traditional dental bridges and dentures. It is now possible to restore missing teeth, without having to polish adjacent teeth. In the Pro-implant Dental Clinic dental implantation is performed by dentist Darius Pocebutas.

Why dental implants?

Aesthetics and functionality
Dental implants look and function the same way as natural teeth.

Teeth preservation
Dental Implants do not sacrifice healthy teeth as a dental implant does not require other teeth support. Adjacent natural teeth are not sanded, so they remain viable for a long time and carry out their function.

Bone loss prevention
After the implant integration to the bone, the jaw gets naturally loaded during the chewing process, what prevents bone decay. Sufficient load helps prevent gum recession (which is often the case with bridges or removable dentures).

Good Tolerance
Dental implants are made of biologically compatible materials, so the body can tolerate them.

Dental implants are a stable support for different prosthesis solutions.

Recovered confidence
Dental implants recover your confidence to speak, eat and laugh. They keep tight hold on the jawbone.

Implantation success is well predictable. 40 years experience in the field of implantation has confirmed that for many patients this is the best way to restore missing teeth.

Dental implants. Before and after

dental implants
Missing two teeth in esthetic zone
dental implants kaunas
Dental implants replace the missing teeth




The process of dental implantation

  • dental implant is placed into the jaw bone
  • a temporary tooth model is produced
  • implant fuses in the jaw bone
  • individual tooth crown is produced
  • a new dental prosthetics is performed on the implant

Learn more about dental implantation procedure.

Dental Implants cost

The price of dental implantation depends on the treatment extent, the number of dental implants, will the pre-treatment is needed: bone augmentation procedure, orthodontic treatment and etc. Because the dental implantation is often only the part of the combination therapy, the price in each case is individual. The exact price you will learn when the doctor will plan your treatment and estimate treatment cost.

How to start?

Register for the consultation or send us a request here. Implant dentistry specialist will provide all the information about the possibilities to restore your missing teeth.