Dental Implants

dental implant AnkylosDental implants are surgically positioned substitutes for missing teeth root. They can be used to restore a single tooth, a dental group, or all missing teeth.
Dental implants – small, tooth root shaped titanium screws. Embedded in the jawbone, they become the basis of dental crowns or fixed teeth bridges or removable dental prosthesis. They can be screwed in both the lower and upper jaw.
Pro-implant Dental Clinic uses exclusively the implant system ANKYLOS®.

ANKYLOS® dental implants providing lifetime warranty

Origin - dental implants are made in the German company Denstply Friadent.

Quality - dental implants are based on the decades of researches and documented clinical practice. Their quality is confirmed as a premium.

Accuracy - all dental implants production chain, from raw material purchase to final product is controlled by strict quality standards.

Experience - this is one of the oldest dental implant systems in the world (25 years).

Materials - dental implants are made of pure surgical titanium and has a unique microstructure that is actively accelerates the healing of bone.

Excellent Aesthetics - dental implant system offers a particularly aesthetic prosthesis implant solutions.

ankylos dental implant systemWhy the ANKYLOS® dental implant system is so unique?

1. The jaw bone is completely overgrow the implant – bone covers the upper part of the implant.
Other implant systems do not offer such a good implant integration into the bone.

2. The major part of implant abutment (supporting head) is covered by the gums. The crown is attached to the rest part of the abutment.

3.Crown (tooth crown) is the only visible part of the implanted tooth.

The result – flawless aesthetics of the gums and implanted teeth.




Why choose ANKYLOS® dental implants?

After the dental implant integrates inside the jaw, prosthesis is performed on the implant. The supporting head (abutment) is screwed in the implant. The crowns are fixed (ceramic crowns) to the abutment, so the implant‘s and abutment‘s connection has to be extremely stable and sealed.

ANKYLOS® TissueCare Connection - two become one
ANKYLOS® dental implant system has a unique TissueCare Connection concept, built on engineering principles. The conical connector protects tissues (conical locking) between the implant and the abutment. The benefits of system are:

  • Superior stability
    Ideal connection between the implant and the implant head bearing protects against mechanical impact. There is no friction or micro movements, so the possibility the teeth (or tooth crown) loosen from the implant is very small.
  • Especially hermetic
    Tight connection between the implant and the supporting head prevents the implant from the surrounding tissue infections - do not let to form a proper medium for bacteria to multiply.
  • Soft tissue protection
    ANKYLOS® implants system helps to maintain healthy soft tissue and keep the interdental gums papilla. Sufficient interdental papilla height ensure excellent dental implant aesthetics.
  • Resistance to wear off
    The strong connection of the ANKYLOS® implants and abutments was prooved by mechanical tests - implants are wear-resistant materials, micro cracks and deformation.
  • Protection of the jaw bone
    ANKYLOS® implants system enssures a stable state of the bone around the implant and prevents bone decay.
    "More than 11-year study shows long-term success: after implantation using ANKYLOS® implants in 95.8-98.7% of the cases further loss of tissue was avoided," - Dr. G. H. Nentwig (the head of Oral Surgery and Implantology Department at University of Frankfurt): The ANKYLOS ® Implant System: Concept and clinical application.
dantu implantai Kaune
ANKYLOS® X-ray picture, within four years after the implantation - bone thresholds remained stable (Photo: Dr. Nigel Saynor. Source:

You have any questions about the implantation, dental implants, and the opportunities that they provide? 
FAQ provide answers to frequently asked questions about dental implantation.