Dental tourism

EU directive 2011/24/EU allows patients to choose to receive medical care in any one of the EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area) countries, and their homelands must cover the costs. Norway is not a member of EU, but it is a member Of the EEA.

Top reasons to choose Pro-implant for dental treatment abroad:

  • High quality
    No matter who you are and where you come from, you have the right to a safe and high quality dental treatment. 
    Due to the international requirements for dental treatment, we constantly try to ensure the best possible quality of service. The main priority of the Pro-implant Dental Clinic is reliable success of your treatment. Learn more about Quality policy.
  • Cost saving
    International Dental Clinic Pro-implant offers German medical standards at affordable price. In the year 2000 clinic became an equal partner with the International Institute of Implantation Pro-implant (Germany). The doctors are accredited internationally and patients can get a top-class medical services at affordable price. Learn more about Clinic and Prices.
  • Time saving
    International Dental Clinic Pro-implant provides immediate treatment without waiting lists. All dental services are provided in one place and in the shortest possible time.
  • Easy to reach
    Lithuania is located in the geographical centre of Europe, thus it is easy to reach by plane from any European country. Kaunas international airport is accessible by direct flights from most European airports. For more info, please contact us.


Litcare - Lithuanian medical tourism clusterInternational Dental Clinic Pro-implant is proud to be a member of the Lithuanian medical tourism cluster. LitCare is an association of companies providing a wide range of medical (including but not limited to surgery, dental and rehabilitation), accommodation, SPA & wellness, travel and leisure and many other services aimed at taking the best possible care of medical tourists. The objective of the organization is promotion and development of export, as well as strengthening Lithuania’s competitiveness in the international medical tourism market.
Learn more about "LitCare".


Lithuanian medical tourism association Medical LithuaniaInternational Dental Clinic Pro-implant is a member of Lithuanian medical tourism association "Medical Lithuania".



Dental tourism partners

The Hotel KaunasThe Hotel “Kaunas” is a 4 stars plus hotel, by many customers assessed as one of the best hotels that offers high quality accommodation and catering services, presents with best breakfast menus and as business class hotel is situated in the best location – city’s heart – Laisves avenue. According to the needs of guest hotel offers different categories of rooms that are under renewal even in 2015. The hotel differently from any others provides guests with an exceptional view to the main pedestrian street – Laisves avenue and offers the possibility to have a clear view from up high.

For those who wishes to have lunch or dinner hotel offers unique restaurant “55 degrees”. This outstanding restaurant is famous not only for its European cuisine masterpieces but also for traditional Lithuanian dishes together with traditional “samane” drink.

Find out more about hotel "Kaunas".


Medical tourism facilitator in Lithuania – Wellness TravelsPro-implant dental clinic is a partner of a leading full-service medical tourism facilitator in Lithuania – Wellness Travels. Its professional team makes all the necessary arrangements and provides full care for those who seek high quality medical treatment (dental, as well as other) at affordable prices. As a premium medical tourism agency, Wellness Travels offers the clients all the flexibility and tailors its services to fit everyone’s needs.

If you choose to have a dental tourism trip together with Wellness Travels, their team will:

  • Make sure that you have all the necessary information;
  • Arrange initial online consultations with appropriate specialists;
  • Schedule the needed facilities for treatment;
  • Help with guides and language translations;
  • Organize transportation; accommodation and meal service;
  • Arrange post-treatment care; needed relaxation and rehabilitation in spa facilities;
  • Organize guided excursions and leisure activities;
  • Take full-care of spouses or friends travelling together.

Wellness Travels always looks for the best price-quality ratio and hence can ensure the same to our customers. The team carefully searches for available flights and accommodation to make you an offer that is not only the most convenient but also at a smart price.

If you want to learn more, you can find all the necessary information on their website:
Don’t forget to follow their medical tourism group on Facebook as well:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any other information.