Root Canal Treatment and retreatment

dental root canal treatment dental microscopeAt Pro-implant dental clinic endodontic root canal treatment and retreatment is performed using Carl Zeiss dental microscope (made in Germany), which enlarges the image by 24 times.
The microscope helps the doctor to see what is invisible to the naked eye - additional microcanals, trapped stubs, root fracture or microcracks.

In the Pro-implant dental clinic root canal treatment and retreatment is performed by Dr. Inga Peciukonyte.

Specialist advice: timely and qualitatively performed endodontic treatment protects your tooth (or tooth root) longer and determines the success of the follow-up procedures such as - aesthetic filling, dental prosthetics.

Dental root canal treatment

Endodontic treatment removes the pulp (tooth nerve), and thoroughly cleaned and sterilized root canals are filled with gutta-percha. Gutta-percha filling is more advantaged compared to the old type fillings. It is non-toxic and allergen-free, very tightly fills in the root canals by adapting well to the rough walls of the canal. Hermetically filled tooth is protected from infection recurrence. Then the tooth crown is restored (visible part of the tooth). Most often it is enough to fill the cavity that appears during the treatment. However, if the damage of the tooth is very big, a tooth prosthesis with crown needs to be performed.

Modern medical equipment helps endodontist to work accurately, conserve most of the healthy tooth tissue, save time for a treatment. To evaluate the treatment, your doctor will take several X-ray pictures. For this purpose, Digital Dental X-ray machine is used. It immediately restores the high-quality image of x-ray on the computer screen. Equipment emits as much as 90% lower dose of the X-rays than a normal X-ray machine. Root length and the location of the top accurately is determined by Electronic finder of the tooth root (Apex locator). This device provides the control treatment with a smaller amount of X-rays.

Important! Untreated root canal is a major cause of health problems - around the infected tooth, jaw bone begins to die. Focus of infection in the root canal several times increases the risk of heart disease!

Dental root canal retreatment

The most common cause of endodontic treatment is unqualified treatment. Not so long ago, treating root canals, dentists could only rely on his tactile senses and radiograph. Primitive methods of treatment and the old generation filling materials did not let the doctors to achieve the results, which can be achieved by the modern science of endodontics. Due to poor quality root canal treatment, previously treated teeth often can get infected again. In this case, they must be retreated – to remove the old filling material, using a dental microscope clean the root canal and hermetically refill the root canal.

The probability that at some time after endodontic treatment, the infection will resume - very small. The latest technology allows to destroy the majority of micro-organisms, but even if the root canal is performed properly, it does not guarantee 100% treatment success. The research data suggest that initial endodontic treatment successfully is completed an average of 80-95 cases per 100 of the total cases.