Dental Implantation Procedure

dental implantationDental Implantation - a procedure consists of two stages of surgical procedure and proesthetic restoration. 
In the Pro-implant Dental Clinic dental implantation is performed by Darius Pocebutas. Particularly complex operations are performed in conjunction with a visiting oral surgeon Dr. Giesenhagen Bernhard (Germany).
Pro-implant Dental Clinic works with a dental technician laboratories in Lithuania and Germany.

Diagnosis and treatment plan

Before dental implantation it is necessary to fully investigate the oral cavity: dental health, gum health and oral hygiene. Digital panoramic X-ray helps evaluate the jaw bone quantity and quality. Based on survey results and the patient's overall health condition, the treatment is planned. The doctor selects the required number of dental implants, determines their position, selects the prosthesis on implants method.

If there is not enough jaw bone to place the implant before implantation procedure bone augmentation needs to be performed (bone augmentation). Dental implants are placed after the healing process of the bone is over. For this, the duration of treatment lengthens to about 5 months.
In the Pro-implant Dental Clinic a unique procedure is performed - Bone ring augmentation. This is the only method that allows bone augmentation and dental implant surgery in a single operation.
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The first surgical stage

Dental implantation - a procedure is performed using local anesthesia, therefore it is pain-free. On the patient's request may be subject to deep sedation. The duration of implantation depends on the number of dental implants (single-tooth implantation takes up to 1 hr.). If, at the same time, a bone augmentation is performed, the procedure may take longer.

How does it work?

1. The place for the implant is prepared.
2. Dental implant is placed into the bone using a special device.
3. Gums over the implant are stitched up and left to heal.
4. After 7-10 days the stiches are removed.

dental implantation step one
Implant after the first stage of the surgery









To prevent the infection after the procedure antibiotics are used. The gums may be sensitive, so the analgetics may be prescribed. After placing the implant into the jaw bone, the healing process takes place (integration of the implant in the bone). This can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. When the implantation is performed in esthetic zone, during the healing period, the patient wears a temporary denture.

NEW! Faster recovery in natural way. In order to speed up the healing process after implantation, the most advanced technology - Choukroun's  A-PRF™ (ADVANCED - Platelet Rich Fibrin) is used in dental clinic Pro-implant. Biomembrane (PRF) is in the form of thin film, which is obtained from the patient's blood.
PRF procedure stops bleeding, promotes the formation of new blood vessels, stimulates bone and soft tissue regeneration, promotes healing, especially during the first seven critical days after surgery.
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All of the patients immediately after the surgical procedure are treated using Laser Biostimulation (biomoduliation). In just a few minutes-long procedure apparently accelerates tissue healing, reliefs of the pain and swelling, prevents inflammation. Superficial tissues stimulated by Ozone therapy, complements laser capabilities. Medical Ozone (active oxygen) inhibits inflammation, reduces pain, swelling and improves blood circulation.

The second surgical stage

After integration of the implant in the bone, second surgical stage is performed.

How does it work?

1. A small cut is made in the gums to reach the upper part of the implant.
2. The gingiva former is screwed into the implant. It forms the gums around the future tooth crown.

dental implantation steps

Implant after the second stage of surgery









Prosthetic restoration (dental implant prosthetics)

After 3-4 weeks from the second surgical stage, when the gums heal, prosthesis on the implant is performed. The dental prints are taken, using which the individual prosthesis is made by the laboratory dental technicians . Depending on the number of missing teeth to be restored, ceramic crowns, bridges or removable dentures can be used.

How does it work?

1. A standart (or individual) abutment is attached to the implant.
2. A dental prosthesis is attached to the abutment.

Dental implant prosthetics is very similar to the dental prosthesis using ceramic crown. Abutment shape is the same as the shape of natural tooth sanded during the prosthesis. The abutment is attached to the crown (tooth crown).

dental implant and abutment

Implant abutment before prosthesis

dental implants
Implanted tooth after prosthesis using a crown






Specialist advice: custom made abutments leads to excellent dental implant aesthetics. This is particularly important for front teeth prosthesis.

Dental implants - a great support for bridge dentures and removable dentures.

  • Bridge dentures (dental bridges), as well as crowns are fixed to the abutment of the implant and are permanent.
  • Removable dentures can be attached to dental implants in a variety of ways: spheral, magnetic or beam fixation. On the dental implants fixed removable prosthesis are stable, easy to remove and reattach.

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