Professional oral hygiene

oral hygieneRegular visits to your hygienist has become a habit?
Then you already know that regular oral hygiene helps you to avoid many dental problems, saves you time and money.

In the Pro-implant dental clinic the professional oral hygiene procedures are carried out by oral hygienists.


After Professional oral hygiene:

Your teeth will become one, or even a few shades whiter.
Experience the freshness in your mouth, which will give you a sense of comfort.
Bad breath will disappear, and you will trust your fresh breath communicating with people.
Forget the tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding problem.
You will be calm for your oral health.

How it is performed?

  • Soft and hard plaque (tartar) safely and painlessly is removed by the hand instruments and ultrasonic scaler.
  • The baking soda stream Air flow removes pigmented plaque – the current of water and baking soda mixture quickly and painlessly removes tobacco, coffee, red wine traces on the surface of teeth, cleans darkened interdental spaces. The anticipated and expected a cosmetic effect - much whiter teeth.
  • The teeth are polished with a special toothbrush and toothpaste. Yes, they become resistant to the formation of new plaque.
  • The teeth and interdental spaces covered with fluoride varnish. Application of fluoride protects teeth from sensitivity up to 3 months.
  • The patient is told about a regular oral hygiene at home, tooth and gum disease prevention. If necessary, an additional oral hygiene measures are recommended.

Specialist advice: children regularly performed professional oral hygiene will help them maintain healthy teeth.
Learn more about children's dentistry.

Oral hygiene at home


Research shows that only a tooth paste and brush for a good oral hygiene is not enough. A simple toothbrush cleans not enough to keep teeth and gums healthy. When cleaning your teeth normally, part of the plaque is not removed in hardly accessible places.


Dental floss or tape is a good clean convex surface of the teeth, but does not reach the plaque located deeper under the gums. Pressing the floss, your gums get affected and begin to bleed.


For the optimal oral hygiene, we recommend to oral irrigation. Waterpi® oral irrigator helps to clean teeth daily. The water current washes food particles and dental plaque from the most distant places of the mouth: from interdentals, out of dental bridges and prosthesis.


Pulsating water current not only washes away dirt, but also massages the gums. When plaque is removed, the mouth odor disappears, bleeding gums and other problems do not trouble anymore.