Dental Clinic partners

International Implant Institute - Pro-implantPro-implant dental clinic is the partner of the International Implant Institute Pro-implant (Melsungen, Germany). Head of the Institute - 
Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen is a visiting oral surgeon of the Pro-implant dental clinic.


Dr. Bernhard GiesenhagenPro-implant dental clinic works together with a dental technician Holger Abendroth (Germany). Dental Laboratory Technician product helps to achieve a particular aesthetic dental prosthesis and function.


The Hotel Kaunas

The Hotel “Kaunas” is a 4 stars plus hotel, by many customers assessed as one of the best hotels that offers high quality accommodation and catering services, presents with best breakfast menus and as business class hotel is situated in the best location – city’s heart – Laisves avenue. According to the needs of guest hotel offers different categories of rooms that are under renewal even in 2015. The hotel differently from any others provides guests with an exceptional view to the main pedestrian street – Laisves avenue and offers the possibility to have a clear view from up high.

For those who wishes to have lunch or dinner hotel offers unique restaurant “55 degrees”. This outstanding restaurant is famous not only for its European cuisine masterpieces but also for traditional Lithuanian dishes together with traditional “samane” drink.

Find out more about hotel "Kaunas".


Dental-tourism LithuaniaPro-implant dental clinic is a partner of a leading full-service medical tourism facilitator in Lithuania – Wellness Travels. Its professional team makes all the necessary arrangements and provides full care for those who seek high quality medical treatment (dental, as well as other) at affordable prices. As a premium medical tourism agency, Wellness Travels offers the clients all the flexibility and tailors its services to fit everyone’s needs. Learn more about Wellness Travels.


Insurance company Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE LithuanianPro-implant dental clinic cooperates with the insurance company Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch. Patients insured by voluntary health insurance are treated at the clinic.



General Financing MEDleasingAt the Pro-implant dental clinic you can get a dental care credit , using the General Financing MEDleasing. MEDleasing - a financial service that allows you to get paid medical services faster and pay back by installments.


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Dental clinic supplier Dentsply friadent




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