Painless dental treatment

sedation dentistryYou know very well that today teeth are treated without pain. Your dentist and his assistant will do their best to give you comfort during the procedure. Commonly used method during dental treatment is local anesthesia – injection of the the local anesthetic into the area of the treated tooth in order to block the pain receptors located there.

When local anesthesia is not enough, we offer deep sedation.

Deep sedation

You understand that modern dentistry is painless, but still afraid of dental treatment? Don‘t like needles, annoyed by sound of drills? Or maybe you fear of choking during the procedure? Dreaming of a stress-free dental treatment?
You should consider the dental treatment under intravenous sedation. Deep sedation - a safe, medication-induced depression of consciousness. During sedation additional anesthesia is applied.

The dental treatments using deep sedation provides you with:

  • relaxation and maximum comfort (feeling as being in a deep sleep)
  • choking control
  • loss of memory about the procedure
  • time savings (will need less visits to the dentist)

Deep sedation is the best choice for patients who:

  • experience uncontrollable stress, anxiety and fear
  • have had a painful dental treatment before
  • afraid of needles
  • have difficulties with anesthesia and local anesthesia (numbness)
  • have a strong gagging reflex

Deep sedation can also be applied when a patient requires a more comprehensive treatment, surgical or dental procedures during implantation. Your dentist will provide you with more information.
Discuss the possibility to treat your teeth with deep sedation.

An additional patient's comfort

dental treatmentFor your (and doctor‘s) convenience during the most of the dental procedures cofferdam system is used - a thin rubber film, which is stabilized in the mouth by a special ring and frame.
The cofferdam optimally isolates the treated tooth: through a gap made in the film, the doctor can easily reache the tooth (or teeth group) while the rest of the teeth are covered by the film.


The benefits of the cofferdam system:

  • protects the lips, tongue, cheeks
  • prevents from the stump ingestion or inhalation
  • protects from water spout in the mouth
  • reduces the discomfort associated with the cotton swab in your mouth
  • protects against unpleasant tastes of dental materials
  • prevents against infections

Ask your dentist if the cofferdam system can be used for your treatment.