Quality Policy of Dental Clinic Pro-implant

dental implants kaunasNo matter who you are and where you come from, you have the right to a safe and high quality dental treatment.
Due to the international requirements for dental treatment, we constantly try to ensure the best possible quality of service. The main priority of the Pro-implant Dental Clinic is reliable success of your treatment.
The quality of the services performed in The Pro-implant Dental Clinic is guaranteed by:


  • knowledge and experience
  • teamwork
  • partners and suppliers
  • technical base

Knowledge and experience

Pro-implant Dental Clinic director Darius Pocebutas is one of the first Lithuanian dentists successfully completed postgraduate studies of Implantology in the Frankfurt, J. W. Goethe University, Germany. In 2011 he was awarded the certificate of completion of the program.

D. Pocebutas the first in Lithuania in year of 2000 began to apply Bone ring technique - an innovative method of bone augmentation. Since the year of 2000 D. Pocebutas performed more than 1000 implantation operations using ANKYLOS® dental implants system.

D. Pocebutas shares his knowledge and experience with colleagues in the courses organized by the International Institute of Implantation Pro-implant (Germany): "Clinical courses with live-surgery and hands-on" (Frankfurt, Germany),"Hands-on-Human-Cadaver-Course" (Vienna, Austria).

dental implants lithuaniaSeveral times a year a dental implant specialist from Germany Dr. Benhard Giesenhagen visits the Pro-implant Dental Clinic. Well known and recognized in Europe oral surgeon comes to Kaunas to plan and perform particulary complex operations.
Doctor is the author of Bone ring technique. He has performed over 1,000 bone ring augmentation using ANKYLOS®. Long-term monitoring of the patients suggest that the success rate of operations is more than 98%.

D. Pocebutas and B. Giesenhagen initiative the Implantology Club of the Baltic Countries was established in 2009, Kaunas. The aim of the club to inform physicians with the Baltic implantation innovations, to organize the clinical courses during which the demonstrative live surgeries are performed.


Close cooperation between implantologists, anaesthesiologists and physician assistants lets to solve problems quick, safe and qualitatively. Pro-Implant Clinic team's ability to communicate with each other during the procedure without words, demonstrates the trust among colleagues.

Partners and suppliers

Pro-implant Dental Clinic only collaborates with partners whose products and materials based on safety, efficiency, reliable performance, supported by clinical studies and documented cases.

Major suppliers:

  • DENTSPLY Friadent - ANKYLOS® dental implant system manufacturer, Germany
  • Geistlich Biomaterials - bone substitutes (augmentants) producer, Switzerland
  • Botiss Biomaterials - bone substitutes (augmentants) producer, Germany

Technical Base

In the Pro-implant Dental Clinic the advanced medical equipment is installed that gives more options for better diagnose and more qualitatively treatment of the patients.