Dental implantation risks

dental implants kaunas lithuaniaDental implantation is a minor surgical procedure. Like any other surgery, implantation may endanger the patient's health. Complications, although very little, but still remains.
Pro-implant Dental Clinic focuses on patient‘s safety. Advanced diagnostic and treatment methods are used for dental implantation. However, despite all precautions, complications such as nerve or vascular lesions is unlikely, but possible. Modern dental technologies helps to ensure sterility, and probability of infection is very low.

Dental implants are well tolerated by the organism and therefore implant rejection is very unlikely. In rare cases the bone may not be sufficiently strong to keep the dental implant. Then, the implant will be removed and replaced. This can be done in one visit.

Possible postoperative side effects:

  • gingival and facial swelling
  • pain at the implant place
  • minor bleeding

All of the patients immediately after procedure are treated using Laser Biostimulation (biomoduliation). In just a few minutes-long procedure apparently accelerates tissue healing, reliefs of the pain and swelling, prevents inflammation. Superficial tissues stimulated by Ozone therapy, complements laser capabilities. Medical Ozone (active oxygen) inhibits inflammation, reduces pain, swelling and improves blood circulation. 
Laser and ozone in combination is one of the medical innovations that makes Pro-implant dental clinics patients quickly return to a normal life.

The main factor that ensures the long-term success of dental implantation is a preventive postoperative care. Good oral hygiene at home and regular professional oral hygiene helps to prevent complications. The healing process of dental implants can be negatively impacted by such bad habits like smoking and use of alcohol. A regular visits to the dentist are required to make sure that the implants are functioning well and performs its functions.

Important! Properly maintained dental implants serve a lifetime!