Patients Safety First

patients safetyPatient safety - it is Your right not to suffer from random and unnecessary damage during the treatment.
Opportunity for all to receive safe, high-quality health care is a recognized and highly valued principle of the European Union.
Your safety during dental procedures is one of the most important priorities of the International dental clinic Pro-implant.

How do we ensure patient safety:

  • Collaboration with the patient
  • Reliable methods of treatment
  • Teamwork
  • Medical errors prevention and control
  • Infection control

Collaboration with the patient

Security of your dental treatment largely depends on co-operation with your doctor. Your dentist will provide you with a detailed information of your health condition, the potential solutions to the problem, course of treatment, the benefits and risks. Ask questions - do not leave room for your doubts. By following your doctor's recommendations, you contribute to the treatment. Although there is small chance for errors, your dentist will take the responsibility upon himself.
Mutual trust between doctor and patient is the basis for successful treatment.

Reliable methods of treatment

  • Methods of tretament based on the dental clinic doctors‘ experience -
    due to many years of medical experience, we can offer the most effective solution to your problem.
  • Evidence-based, globaly proven methods of treatment -
    information technology gives the opportunity to study in detail the numerous publications documented treatment. Experience of foreign colleagues helps to avoid medical errors and side effects.


dental implants kaunasEffective team work ensures the safety of your dental procedures. Different speacialists cooperate among others in order to safely and efficiently implement your individual treatment plan. Our clinic assistant is much more than just an assistant. Their ability to communicate with your doctor without words during the procedure, demonstrates an enormous trust among colleagues.
Learn more about our speacialists team.


Medical errors prevention and control

Pro–implant dental clinic records all the complicated medical cases. The database of these medical cases helps to identify the potential risks of the treatment and to avoid it. Knowledge of how to control the risk comes both from doctor‘ s personal as well as from colleague‘s experience: additional information comes from clinical research publications, training courses. Medical error recognition, their recording and learning from them - important factors to ensure your safety during treatment.

Infection control

To avoid the risk of infections for both patients and staff, necessary to secure the interface sterility by proper tools and equipment disinfection and sterilization treatment. In Pro-Implant dental clinic , the medical instruments cleaning and disinfection performed in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive, applying approved procedures. The sterility of the medical instruments ensures the most advanced German equipment manufacturers - Miele thermal disinfector and Melag autoclave Melatronic.