Oral Surgery

Surgical treatmentSurgical treatment will be given only when other conservative treatments are ineffective. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, surgery is performed under local anesthesia or
deep sedation.
In the Pro-implant dental clinic dental surgery is performed by dentist Darius Pocebutas. In particular complex operations are performed with a visiting oral surgeon Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen (Germany).

In the Pro-implant dental clinic are performed the following surgical operations:

  • Implantation
  • Bone augmentation
  • A dental extraction
  • Tooth extraction (impacted tooth)
  • Soft tissue plastic surgery
  • Root apex resection
  • Gingival curettage
  • Gingivectomy
  • Flap surgery
  • Clinical dental crown extension

NEW! Faster recovery in natural way

In order to speed up the healing process after surgical procedures, the most advanced technology - Choukroun's  A-PRF™ (ADVANCED - Platelet Rich Fibrin) is used in dental clinic Pro-implant. Biomembrane (PRF) is in the form of thin film, which is obtained from the patient's blood. PRF procedure stops bleeding, promotes the formation of new blood vessels, stimulates bone and soft tissue regeneration, promotes healing, especially during the first seven critical days after surgery.
The main advantage of this medical innovation is that no chemicals or pharmaceuticals are used to to accelerate the healing process. The active ingredient of PRF is biologically active substances of patient's blood.
Learn more about A-PRF™ procedure.

Post-operative care of patients

All of the patients immediately after the surgical procedures are treated using Laser Biostimulation (biomoduliation). In just a few minutes-long procedure apparently accelerates tissue healing, reliefs of the pain and swelling, prevents inflammation. Superficial tissues stimulated by Ozone therapy, complements laser capabilities. Medical Ozone (active oxygen) inhibits inflammation, reduces pain, swelling and improves blood circulation.
Laser and ozone in combination is one of the medical innovations that makes Pro-implant dental clinics patients quickly return to a normal life.

Tooth extraction

In the Pro- Implant dental clinic we do everything to save a natural tooth. If the problem is chronic and conservative treatment methods can no longer help, the tooth extraction is performed. The extraction does not traumatize the adjacent teeth and tissues (atraumatic extraction of the tooth).

The main causes of tooth extraction:

  • incorrect tooth position (irregular or crooked teeth)
  • orthodontics (orthodontic bite treatment to prevent tooth crowding)
  • seriously damaged teeth (teeth unsuitable for prosthesis)
  • prevalence of periodontal disease (mobile tooth does not perform  chewing function)
  • tooth (or tooth root) fracture

Tooth removal (impacted tooth)

An impacted teeth - is a fully developed, but for various reasons have not erupted fully (usually - wisdom teeth).

impacted wisdom tooth





Reasons for surgical removal of impacted tooth:

  • impacted tooth prevents eruption of other permanent teeth
  • pathological bone pocket is formed between the erupted and impacted tooth
  • impacted tooth gets affected bytooth decay (caries)
  • soft tissue inflammation developes around impacted toot (pericoronarite)

Soft tissue plastic surgery

Soft tissue plastic - a surgical gum reconstruction in the areas where there is a lack of tissue It is used to treat gum recession - a disease in which the gums separate from the tooth, the tooth is exposed to neck, or even part of the root. There are many ways to restore damaged gums. One of them - healthy gum tissue grafting to receding gums.
In dental implantation a soft tissue plastic surgery helps to achieve a natural aesthetic look of the gums.
soft tissue plastic surgerySoft tissue plastic is applied to treat diastema (a large gap between the front teeth). When the cause of a diastema is a labial frenum – the plastic surgery of labial frenum is performed. This is a procedure that removes the labial frenum, which forms the gap between the teeth. The best to perform this surgery during the eruption of the permanent front teeth. Timely removal of the labial frenum, makes the gap between the teeth disappear by itself. In other cases, additionally orthodontic treatment is applied.

Root apex resection

Root apex resection - a procedure that removes sources of infection from the root vertex. The procedure applies when there is no other way to reach the root apex. During this procedure the periosteal flap of the gums is lifted surgically so the tooth root apex can be reached by the bone. Infected part of the apex gets removed and the root of the tooth filled.

Gingival curettage

Deep gingival curettage - surgical treatment of periodontitis. During the procedure, concretions are cleaned (tartar) from the deep periodontal pockets, which can not be reached applying the professional oral hygiene procedures.


Gingivectomy – a surgical treatment of the periodontitis. This is an operation to remove a hypertrophic, inflammatory damaged gums.

Flap surgery

Flap surgery – a surgical treatment of the periodontitis. This is an operation to separate the gums from the teeth roots. Damaged gum inflammation is removed by lifting the „patch“ of the gum.

Clinical dental crown extension

Clinical dental crown extension - surgical gum formation and adjustment of the bone around the root of the tooth. It is performed before the dental prosthesis, in order to extend the dental crown and provide the gums with a natural form.

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