X-rays examination

Digital panoramic X-rayIn the Pro-implant Dental Clinic we use law radiation X-ray apparatus. X-ray picture are needed to assure good quality of diagnosis and therapy control. X-ray picture helps to evaluate your teeth and surrounding tissues, root canal condition, quantity and quality of the jaw bone.
In the Pro-implant dental clinic X-rays examination is performed in accordance with Lithuanian Hygiene Standard HN 31: 2008 "Radiation safety requirements for medical roentgenodiagnosis.

Digital Dental X-ray

Digital Dental X-ray machine (visiograph) Planmeca Intra is safe due to low radiation emission. Qualitative x-ray image is restored on the computer screen. Dental X-ray picture (radiogram) – the x-ray picture of the crown and root of one tooth or more. Planning restorations, it allows to accurately determine lesions the caries. X-ray photo used in endodontics to determine root canal content, length and location of bone and the length of the pockets.

root canals
Dental X-ray picture

Digital panoramic X-ray

Digital panoramic X-ray machine Planmeca ProOne emits up to 70% less roentgen rays than normal X-ray machines. Digital technologies restore the image on the computer screen right away. Panoramic X-ray (orthopantomogram) covers the entire oral cavity and the surrounding areas (the lower jaw, jaw joint and sinuses).

Panoramic X-ray is used:

  • to assess the overall condition of the teeth and jaw
  • to assess the overall condition of periodontal
  • planning the prosthesis
  • planning of surgical procedures: impacted or wisdom tooth extraction, dental implantation, bone augmentation
  • planning an orthodontic treatment with braces
panoraminis dantu rentgenas
Digital panoramic X-ray picture